Goldie Hawn Highlights Killer Waistline In Wild Workout

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Goldie Hawn kept it #free and pretty wild while bouncing around her home gym trampoline over early COVID. The 76-year-old actress continues to prove her legend status on social media, and it was major workout energy from the blonde in 2020 as she reminded fans that age is but a number.

Posting to Instagram as she bounced around and worked her body, the Academy Award winner highlighted her toned shoulders and killer waistline while in an all-black gym look, and she's topped 3 million views for the footage. Check it out below.

3 Million Views For Workout Video

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Scroll for the footage. The mom to actress Kate Hudson had gone groovy and funky, seen balancing herself on a mini black trampoline as she brought her heart rate up. Hawn opted for practical black yoga pants, also highlighting a little cleavage via a low-cut and sleeveless tank. The First Wives Club star also donned a simple silver necklace, plus her signature blonde locks worn down. More after the video, including how she looks so good over 75.


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The video came complete with a major celebrity shout-out - giving a nod to 26-year-old Grammy winner Dua Lipa, Goldie wrote: "My crazy @mindup mindful movement for today. Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching ❤️💃🏼⁣⁣and thanks @dualipa for the best addition to my trampoline playlist!😘🔥⁣."

"Love it!" one fan quickly replied.

As to what Goldie feeds herself, it's all juice, baby. The star had just turned 70 when she revealed: “I don’t eat a lot. I think we overeat. [And] I drink my green juice every day!" adding:

“I do a lot of juicing, I don’t put a lot of food in my stomach and I don’t mix my foods too much. So if I want to have like protein I’ll just eat a bowl of lentils, I won’t mix it with a bunch of stuff.”

Never Say No To Southern Food

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The Washington D.C. native has also referenced a love of Southern food - clearly, Hollywood doesn't ruin everything.

"Mom went to India a lot in the seventies, so she made curries and dal. She cooks Southern food too — her dad was from Arkansas. She makes a mean biscuits and gravy and chicken and dumplings," she told Shape. "My mom has always been healthy, but she's not a health nut. I'm the same way. I absolutely believe in enjoying my food."