A Guide To Galentine’s Gift Shopping According To Your Friends’ Zodiac Signs

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People shower their loved ones with gifts on Valentine’s Day, so why not Galentine's Day? In case you don’t know what Galentine’s is, it’s an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13 to show love for your lady friends as opposed to romantic partners. It was originated by Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) from the sitcom Parks and Recreation and has made the jump from screen to real life.

Of course, shopping for Galentine’s might be a little different from Valentine’s since you’ll be choosing a gift for your gal pals instead of your significant other. Here’s a zodiac-based guide to make it a bit easier.

Aries, Taurus And Gemini

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Astrologer Ryan Marquardt offers some Galentine’s gift suggestions based on your besties’ zodiac signs.

Let’s start with Aries, who tends to get stressed out a lot and might benefit from gifts that soothe, like bath bombs, meditation cushions or scalp massagers.

Food-loving Taurus, meanwhile, would totally love something related to cooking, like an air fryer.

Gemini, the twin sign, might appreciate something that comes in twos, like slippers or socks. But then, why limit it to two when you can go for multiple pieces, like a subscription box?

Cancer, Leo And Virgo

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Cancer is the type who loves things with a lot of history behind them. Antique pieces would make good presents for these gal pals, or you can choose brands that are classic and iconic.

Leo is a sun sign, and as the sun symbolizes life itself, it’s a good idea to get your Leo friend something really useful that she can’t live without.

Virgo, meanwhile, is the type who appreciates a lot of TLC. Show her you care for her health and happiness by getting a gift that gives comfort, like aromatherapy.

Libra, Scorpio And Sagittarius

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Libra apparently loves luxurious perfumes – try giving her a set of different fragrances so she’ll find something she really likes. This sign is also fond of back massages and will appreciate presents related to that.

Scorpio enjoys surprises as well as really thoughtful gifts, such as matching friendship bracelets. And here’s a little secret: they like sensual stuff, such as lingerie or a sexy corset.

For your Sagittarius bestie who loves to go on trips, try scrapbooking stuff that lets them document their travels. And since this is a fire sign, candles or a fondue set might be a good idea, too.

Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces

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Capricorn is the competitive, workaholic type so something related to accomplishing goals would make a great gift for her. Try a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

And speaking of gadgets, your Aquarius friend is the tech-savvy one who always geeks out on the latest in digital inventions. There’s always a trendy new device out there this girl will appreciate.

Lastly, let’s not forget your Pisces pal who loves nostalgia. She’d appreciate a Polaroid camera to quickly immortalize precious moments, or anything vintage, whether it’s an item of clothing or an accessory.